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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Muke Tever <mktvr@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 22, 2003, 22:54
From: "Andreas Johansson" <and_yo@...>
> Andrew wrote: > >OK. You are right. "Hell" and "god" are common words, > >but you would not use them frequently as root words. > >"Religious" is a more versatile root word than "hell" > >or "god" and so it has to be the only religious root > >word in a limited vocabulary of the root words.
Actually "god" as a root (in English generally from Gk "theo-" or L "dei-") is pretty common--forming, say, apotheosis, deity, theology, deism, atheism, theocracy, mono-/polytheism... "Religious" as a root seems ... rather less strictly useful than, 'god', say, or 'sacred/holy', especially as belief in god(s) and the holding of things as sacred is probably more central than religiousness...
> (It may be pointed out that the Swedish words in question, _gud_ och > _helvete_, are historically derived, but synchronically are unitary > non-analyzable words.)
I am hoping _helvete_ is not derived from Switzerland? :x) *Muke! --


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