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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Garth Wallace <gwalla@...>
Date:Saturday, January 18, 2003, 18:30
Andrew Nowicki wrote:
> "H. S. Teoh" wrote: > AN> coppice = ydadebe = "noun small big plant" (an) > > HST> ??? I'm not sure I understand the logic behind this. > > Small plants growing from the trunk of a big plant. > > AN> spruce = ynadebe = "noun religious big plant" (an) > > HST> What has spruce got to do with "religious"? > > Christmas tree. I goofed because firs are more > often used as the Christmas trees. Crushed needles > of spruces release a pungent odor, so I am redefining > these trees:
For a proposed international language, Ygyde seems pretty Christian-centric...


Joe <joe@...>