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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>
Date:Saturday, January 18, 2003, 10:53
"H. S. Teoh" wrote:
AN> coppice = ydadebe = "noun small big plant" (an)

HST> ??? I'm not sure I understand the logic behind this.

Small plants growing from the trunk of a big plant.

AN> spruce = ynadebe = "noun religious big plant" (an)

HST> What has spruce got to do with "religious"?

Christmas tree. I goofed because firs are more
often used as the Christmas trees. Crushed needles
of spruces release a pungent odor, so I am redefining
these trees:

fir = ynadebe = "noun religious big plant" (an)
spruce = yludebe = "noun smelly big plant" (an)
pine = ybydebe = "noun dry big plant" (an)

AN> volt = ysule = "noun dangerous unit" (AN)
AN> ampere = ylyle = "noun electric unit" (AN)

HST> OK, this is a bit silly. I hope you realize
HST> that a high ampereage (sp?) is a LOT more
HST> dangerous than a high voltage? You will
HST> probably survive a 25V jolt; but if you get
HST> 25A through your body, you'll turn into jelly
HST> before you can think. :-P

I understand physics well. High voltage makes
electric motors more efficient, but it is a hazard.
Human body has a rather high resistivity, so the
110V current is not likely to kill a human. The
high current cannot flow through the human body
when the voltage is low. If you touch a thick,
bare copper cable that carries a huge current,
you will not be harmed, but if you climb a high
tension pole and touch the hot wire, you will
suffer severe burns or death.

AN> to cook = upeci = "verb warm manipulation" (AN)
AN> to fry = ubupeci = "verb slippery warm manipulation" (an)

HST> Slippery? I assume you mean oil?


AN> bread = ofyby = "noun foam food" (AN)

HST> Ummm... but what about granola? Or pita?

granola = obofeby = "noun wet powder food" (an)
pita bread = ozaby = "noun container food" (an)

AN> to bake = ipefyci = "verb warm foam manipulation" (AN)

HST> OK, now I'm getting hilarious images of somebody
HST> trying to "ipefyci" some sponges in the oven. :-P

Ygyde is the funniest language in the world and for
this reason alone it deserves to become the international
auxiliary language!

AN> to deep fry = ubopeci = "verb wet warm manipulation" (an)
AN> to boil = upygu = "verb burning liquid" (AN)

HST> Um, shouldn't this be the other way round? At least,
HST> deep-frying is not *wet*, it's dipping something
HST> into boiling oil (which is closer to burning
HST> liquid than boiling water--you'd know this if
HST> you've been burned by cooking oil before. :-P)

True. I guess this sounds better:
to deep fry = ipeguci = "verb warm liquid manipulation" (an)


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