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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Thursday, January 23, 2003, 7:20
In a message dated 2003:01:21 02.15.03 PM, arthaey@HOTPOP.COM writes:

>Emaelivpar HS Teoh, with snipping: > >>3) We are NOT interested in statements like "Ygyde is better than language >> X because ..." or "language X is superior/inferior to language Y >> because ...". We are NOT interested in presumptuous and imposing >> statements like "my way of building a language is better than yours", >> or "my way of creating words is more sensible than yours". >> This all belongs to AUXLANG. > >Ji'IYSH!* If that's what goes on on AUXLANG, I'm never traveling to those >war-infested realms! ;)
ROTFLMAOSHIHLH. "War-infested realms"? Very very accurate description... ::still nursing 3rd Degree burns from Auxlang flamewars:: *whimper* ouchies... (::before anyone who knew me on that list says anything:: okay okay!!!, I also started a few - er - dozen flamewars for the bleedin' Hell of it...) Hanuman Zhang, Glosa IAL "exile", Interlingua IAL "defector" and "veteran" of the AuxLang List Wars, circa 1997-99 CE