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Re: CHAT: 10-year anniversary (was Re: CHAT: Re: More enter-bringings)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, March 11, 2000, 2:25
> * Jeffrey Henning <Jeffrey@...> [000306 17:27]: > > > If we've long enough to arrange something, I think it'd be cool to try and > > > get as many current (and any willing past) listmembers under one roof as > > > possible for a Megaconlangcon (or would it be a Conlangmegacon? ;-) > > > > Given our geographic dispersion, that would be difficult. It might make > > sense to have a multicast party, with a center on the West Coast U.S., in > > the Northeast U.S., in the Southern U.S., in England, in France, in > > Scandinavia, etc. > > Going by plane for a forthnight in London is a lot cheaper than visiting > the north of Norway for a weekend so a boink in England (and I think it's > the same for Sweden and Denmark pricewise) might get some visitors from > the scandinavian ikea-purchasing socialists :) > > > The cool thing would be to have the centers use video phones on > > their computers to see one another and to do the party at the same > > global time. A virtual party, as it were. > > Definitely!
For any meeting in London, I would be happy to act as local organizer. If it were in July, I could for example book vacant student accommodation for c. £35 per person per night (e.g. in 5 bedroom flats). Our flat is too small to actually put anyone up, but my computer would be available for anything net-related, though I have not been able to manage to make any of a succession of webcammy video cameras work with my Win98-running PC, and nor can the useless sods who sold it me. If there is to be just a single conlangcon in the US (what my son calls "the nineteen staties") then my wife and I have an agreement that sooner or later we are going to visit the US, for her to see New York (which in her mind is the world of Woody Allen and Edith Wharton, and in my mind is a dystopia of tuberculotic destitution, brigandry and uzi assassinations), and for me to at long last meet certain precious conlangers in the ample flesh. --And.