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CHAT: 10-year anniversary (was Re: CHAT: Re: More enter-bringings)

Saturday, March 11, 2000,2:25And Rosta
Thursday, March 9, 2000,3:39Herman Miller
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,22:23taliesin the storyteller
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,15:30Paul Bennett
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,14:46Matt Pearson
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,13:17Paul Bennett
Tuesday, March 7, 2000,22:42Robert Hailman
Tuesday, March 7, 2000,21:12Boudewijn Rempt
Tuesday, March 7, 2000,11:38Christophe Grandsire
Monday, March 6, 2000,22:13Daniel Seriff
Monday, March 6, 2000,17:44taliesin the storyteller
Monday, March 6, 2000,17:32Boudewijn Rempt
Monday, March 6, 2000,16:17Jeffrey Henning
Sunday, March 5, 2000,2:50Paul Bennett