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Re: CHAT: Cockney Orkish as she is spoken.

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Monday, March 1, 1999, 14:09
Pablo Flores wrote:

>Daniel Andreasson wrote: >> >--Pablo Flores - i care quettar tengwinen >> "The one who forms words with letters/writing"? >> >> If my translation is right, then it's a pretty cool sig! >> A sig for a true conlanger. > >Thanks. Actually "tengwinen" is instr. plural >of _tengwe_, supposedly "sound, phoneme" in >"technical Quenya".
Sorry about the late reply, you don't want to know why... I knew the instr. pl. part (hence my translation "with letters") Although, looking a little closer at my wordlist, it actually says:=20 "tengwe" (pl. tengwi) "indication, sign, token", apparently often used = as "phoneme" in a language. _hloniiti tengwi_ "phonetic signs". I must have confused "tengwe" with "tengwa", which plural is of course = "tengwar".=20 Sorry about that.
>> I care ista quenyali, er yonta 'sevenya'. > >I'm afraid my sig was just a show-off; my >Quenya is barely elementary. Could you translate?
But of course! :) "The one who knows some Quenya, but more Swedish." Talk about a sucky sig, but it was the best I could come up with. :) It probably contains a lot of errors. I guess someone more into Quenya = than me=20 on conlang-l could correct it, but the main thing is that people = understand it, right?
>--Pablo Flores
Daniel Andreasson