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Re: CHAT: Cockney Orkish as she is spoken.

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 24, 1999, 22:20
At 5:41 pm +1300 24/2/99, Andrew Smith wrote:
>It seems to me that Black Speech/Orkish is intended to be language that >Tolkien found unattractive: lots of gutterals and back vowels, uvular R >(which I'm trying to master for the code switching), consonant clusters >like -sg that could have come from Irish.
Absolutely - and _all_ those very are *very* UNCockneyish!
> This doesn't mean another >conlanger would find it an unattractive language,
>or consider Cockney to be an Orkish accent.
Well, anyone who thinks any of the above features make it remotely like Cockney sure knows nothing about Cockney. [........]
> >It still sounds more like troll to me; "'Ere, 'oo are yoo?" as in the >Hobbit.
Trolls in "The Hobbit" - a very different matter. Until the finsal chapters, "The Hobbit" belongs to a rather different genre than TLOTR, IMHO. Ray.