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Re: Þrjótran: Lesson 17b: Hví

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, July 1, 2006, 23:06

daniel prohaska writes:
> Henrik, > Þrjótran looks/feels cool - I've got a slight dialectal variation to offer, > from the archipelago to the south: > > Hví katt? [kvui kaht] Who sings? > <Qui(s) cantat? > > Aukkull myr katt. ['EIhkUdl mi:r kaht] My uncle sings. > > Eykkli mí kattað. ['EIhkle mui 'kahta] My uncles sing. > <Avunculi mei cantant. > > Hvoð pjásar tú? [kvo: pjOa:sar tYu:] What do you think?
Hehe. Very nice! I had hoped to hear it with this particular pronunciation once. Now I have. :-) Hmm, what would this language be called? Let's see... Since the archipelago is surely called 'Ørísli' (, the langauge is probably 'Øríslan lyng' ( Or do you have other proposals? **Henrik PS: I cannot promise that my GMP applies perfectly for this particular language, but it seems ok to use it for getting an initial feel. :-)


daniel prohaska <danielprohaska@...>