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Re: quadrivalent verb

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 18:21
I think we could make a good argument that _buy, sell, bet_ and maybe
_trade_ could be considered tetravalent.  Each allows (but doesn't require)
maximum Agent--Patient--Dative/Source/Commitative--Amount.  Exactly how
"amount" would be treated is the question. Maybe "intrumental"?

For "bet", the "IO" is probably Commitative-- I(A) bet [with]you(Com) [by
means of]$5(amt) [that S](P)

In the case of "I bet (him) $5 on Seabuscuit" perhaps "bet on" is a
compound?? OTOH in "I bet (him) $5 on Seabuscuit to win" Perhaps "...on S.
to win" is a reduction of "...that Sea. will win" ???

Perhaps some language could assign the IO (dative/source/comm.) to just one
case, though we run into a problem with "buy", which can take either a
dative/benefactive-- I bought _him_ a book (for $5)- or a source --I bought
(from him) a book (for $5).

Just some random musings :-)))