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Subtitling (was: Newest natlang?)

From:Chris Peters <beta_leonis@...>
Date:Monday, September 29, 2008, 3:34
> From: dirk.elzinga@GMAIL.COM> > Funny story. I was an exchange student in the > Netherlands during the school> year 1989-1990, and Nelson Mandela was > released from prison during this> time. It was major world news, so of course > the Dutch media outlets sent> representatives there to report on the story. > As I recall, the Dutch and> Afrikaaners would address each other in their > respective languages without> any need for interpreters. However, the Dutch > media had (have?) a policy> that foreign languages must be subtitled on > television programming, so the> whole exchange was "translated" for the > audience back home.>
Reminds me of a similar funny story. I was wandering past a store in a local shopping mall a while ago. This particular store, every time I walked past it, had a television in operation with captions turned on (apparently so the employees could watch without necessarily disturbing the browsing customers.) This particular time, the movie playing on the TV was "Passion of the Christ", filmed entirely in Aramaic and Latin dialogue, and subtitled in English. As always, the caption feature was turned on, so that the movie was subtitled and captioned at the same time. I've always wondered whether that was a Captioners' Union rule or somesuch. One might think captions weren't necessary ... :Chris _________________________________________________________________ Stay up to date on your PC, the Web, and your mobile phone with Windows Live.


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