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Re: Concosmic Conlocation (was; Re; Back!)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Thursday, July 22, 1999, 21:37
Matt Pearson wrote:

>Just a passing remark: A number of different kinds of concosmic >conlocations have been mentioned in this thread (distant planets, >fantasy settings, alternate universes, alternate histories with >various degrees of divergence, etc.), but there's one type which >hasn't been mentioned yet - namely, conlangs designed for actual >cultures which actually exist(ed) in our world. > >An example of this is Brad Coon's Adena project. The Adenan >Culture is a civilisation which existed in North America many >centuries ago (the Adenans were the original Mound Builders). >However, the Adenans disappeared before their language could be >recorded, and no-one is really sure even what family it belonged >to, thus leaving Brad free to invent a language (family) for them. > >Has anyone else ever tried anything like this?
On occassion, I have sketch a language for the Tasmanian aboriginals.=20 On other occassions, I sketch the original language of the Philippine Negritos before Austronesation. Both have remained sketches for quite=20 a while since I'm fully occupied with the Boreanesian project. Its=20 weird, but all three conlangs are supposedly spoken by people of=20 pygmy-stature. That's purely coincidental, I swear! -kristian- 8)