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Re: prepositions in Tok Pisin & Viivo

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 9:35
Am 09/19 14:21  Jonathan Chang yscrifef:

> The unfortunate things are that: > > 1) I don't have a lotta CPE (Chinese Pidgin English) materials to go on... >
I don't believe there is much to start with. I found reference to -said in a description of pidgins in a Britannica. It is elsewhere as well I think.
> 2) I find that a quite a lotta Anglo-Saxon-ish English-lexifier words do > not seem to go too well aesthetical (to me) with Viivo's more-or-less mutant > Italo-polyglottism. >
Fair enough.
> Naturally, of course, I would not mind having more CPE info (like: Just > what is _-said_ in CPE? "side"? I have not come across it in the scanty > materials I have on CPE) >
It's a locative similar to "long" in Neo-Melanesian languages I believe.
> Not-'raid-to-ask-"dumb-questions" >
A good list for asking those questions. - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus Deep peace, pure brown of the earth to you.