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Neologism may get confusing sometimes...

From:Fior Avant <chiph@...>
Date:Saturday, March 23, 2002, 18:55
Far from trying to tell what is ´good´ or ´bad´ style; here is my point:

Yesterday, in my sister´s birthday party, she was given a present and commented that the
present was from a friend´s shop, and whom she liked a lot. A new shop, and
named ´Stylish´.
Okay then. Don´t know why I said ´stylish´ had ( or maybe could take ) a bad
sense... but I did. I used the word ´derogatory´, unfortunately!!
After a short discussion my sister left. Shortly, she came back with another friend,
this time a teacher :-). I kept my former statement, but tryed to take back the
´derogatory´ this time. The discussion didn´t last.

The real point is: when we want to say something has a got style, we say it has
got style/ a lot of style/ is fashionable. To me ( and then I say again )
´stylish´, may also be like ´girlish´, ´greenish´ rather than
´fashionable´; though the first meaning of the word really is ´as having
So ´stylish´ means what the shop owner wanted to pass to the customers. Any
dictionary can tell that. Maybe because "stylly" doen´t exist or isn´t used
because sounds strange.
But what I want to know is: Was I wrong or ´stylish´ can really take to a
meaning of something tendentious?

I think that´s why I said that... We say ´greenish´ when something has a
green ´caracter´ but isn´t totally green. At that moment ´stylish´ hit me
as something less-than-fashionable.

So my question is: Am I wrong, unformtunate in my saying, and ´stylish´ can
possibly only mean fashionable? Or may it be used to diminish someting involved
in trend as well?

PS: to a philologist this may be interesting, to the others waste of time.

                                        Thankish      ;-}

                        ( Thankful or dissimulated )


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