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Re: CHAT: Need a word for these!

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 30, 2002, 18:49
Maarten wrote:

> Instead, it makes me proud (as it does most Dutch people).
Oh. Allrighty then. Good for you. *takes off asbestos suit*
> Proud, that prostitutes can be what they want,
Aha. See, in Sweden, the prostitutes don't want to be prostitutes. They do that to finance their drug abuse.
> And guess what: it works! There are no corrupt polticians > in Holland, simply because it doesn't pay to be a corrupt > politician.
Aha. The same as in Sweden. The worst thing a politician has done here is to have bought Toblerone and diapers on her government credit card. Let's see. One once visited a strip club. And another time he called Norway "the last Soviet state". But that's about it.
> The worst complaint about politics currently in Holland is > that it is boring (which it is). Well, I guess things could > be worse than boring, couldnt't they?
Yup. It's boring in Sweden too. Except for "Soviet state" incidents. :-P ||| daniel -- |


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