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Re: CHAT: Need a word for these!

From:Almaran Dungeonmaster <dungeonmaster@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 30, 2002, 16:56
daniel andreasson wrote:

> Christophe Grandsire wrote: > > > Well, I've heard that the Swedish were highly respected > > by the Dutch (and the other way round is also true :)) ). > > <puts on asbetos suit> > > No, no. Swedish people think that the Dutch are all > a bunch of prostitute-visiting drug addicts who have > way too liberal laws... ;-) ;-) ;-) > > *hides under bed* :) > > Sorry. I just wanted to say that even the near-perfect > Swedes have a prejudice or two. No offence intended.
You see, that's what makes the Dutch the Dutch. Even though I have never visited a prostitute, and even though I am not a drug addict (although I am a recreational soft drug user, but so is about 75% of the people I hang out with), it still doesn't offend me when you say that. Instead, it makes me proud (as it does most Dutch people). Proud, that prostitutes can be what they want, proud that we can make our own choices about destroying our body with harmful substances, proud that our government does not try to protect us from ourselves too much (except in rare cases) and proud that our government helps those who are in trouble, be it through their own actions or not... we have a mother Theresa government, by our own volition! And guess what: it works! There are no corrupt polticians in Holland, simply because it doesn't pay to be a corrupt politician. Things that need to get done get done (define: need to). The worst complaint about politics currently in Holland is that it is boring (which it is). Well, I guess things could be worse than boring, couldnt't they? Btw, there is still a lot which needs to be done, in my personal political view. But when I compare The Netherlands to the rest of the world, I still think that we are off pretty well. Maarten


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