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Family project

From:Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 31, 2001, 16:21
  Okay, here's who wants to be involved, so far:

  Elliott Lash
  Dan Seriff
  Amber Adams
  Andrew Smith
  Damiel Andreasson
  Andrew Chaney (I think)
  David Stokes

  There are a couple questions to ask right of the
bat: do we want a separate list to discuss this stuff
on? Or should be just introduce a new header, like NGL
used to? And what to call the project? I don't like
Family project, but I suppose we'll have to wait to
name the language family...

  On the the language topic, what level of family are
people interested in? Indo-European level, or Romance
level (I believe Andrew Smith prefers the latter)? I'm
willing to go either way.

  And is this going to be an Earth language, or an
alternate world? This is going to have a huge effect
on historical development, for example. Myself, I'd
prefer a new world, because my history sucks, and I
could make up whatever history I like on another

  Any other ideas you guys have for details needed to
begin are welcome...


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