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Re: The English/French counting system (WAS: number systems from conlangs)

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Friday, September 26, 2003, 12:40
Henrik contributes:

>After so much time studies, I'll throw a piece of (Southern) German >into the pot (I don't know the exact distribution of this) that >usually confuses Northern Germans (including me): > >Additional to 'halb acht' (lit. 'half eight'), Southern German has: > 'viertel acht' > (lit. 'quarter eight') > = 'a quarter past seven' (sic!) > > 'dreiviertel acht' > (lit. 'three-quarters eight') > = 'a quarter to eight' > >And of course, the normal standard German forms are understood: > 'viertel nach acht' > = 'quarter past eight' > >And I don't know how widespread that is, but additional to the >usual > 'fünf vor halb acht' > (lit. 'five before half eight') > = 7:25 > >my dialect allows also to ten minutes: > > 'zehn vor halb acht' > (lit. 'ten before half eight') > = 7:20 > >where you'd normally use 'zwanzig nach sieben' ('twenty after seven'). > >But definitely, this does not work with 'eleven'. :-) It is very >uncommon to use minute counts other than 'five' or 'ten' with 'vor >halb' or 'nach halb'.
My favorite's always been: Fünf Minuten nach dreiviertel fünf for 4:50. Kou