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Re: Babel Text in Ayeri (With sound file!)

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Monday, February 21, 2005, 16:32

On Sunday 20 February 2005 17:45 +0100, Christian Thalmann

 > When tracking the MP3 with the PDF text, I noticed the
 > surprising penultimate stress on those long words in -ea,
 > which I'm tempted to parse as antepenultimate as in
 > Quenya.  The Elvenness is palpable, though there's a
 > distinct taste of Polynesian to it.  :)

Oh, Quenya does that, too? I didn't know that. I didn't even
intend "Elvenness". I just wanted to have something that is
quite pleasing. The _-ea_ ["ea] at the end of words is the
locative ending. When a locative object is triggered, this
ending is drawn in front of the word, being currently
pronounced [jA], also in compound with the relative pronoun

 > (Note: Seeing how the long words split up into morphemes
 > helps a lot, and also clarifies why the -ea words have to
 > be stressed on that e.  ;o)

It's two syllables.

 > I like all those /j/s, though.  Again, an Elven touch.

This is because the 3rd person animate pronoun is basically
_-iyV(t/n)_. The "V" stands for a variable vowel that is
attached to a 3rd person. In the plural, a _-t_ is added to
this when there is something following, and _-n_ is added
if nothing follows, since words cannot end in [t]. As I
said, I didn't intend so very much Elvishness.

On Monday 21 February 2005 00:32 +0100, Roger Mills wrote:

 > Very nice, and very fluently spoken. To my unpracticed
 > ear, it sounds far more "South Indian" than "Southeast
 > Asian= Indonesian or Philippine"-- possibly because you
 > are speaking so fast... Is there any way you could slow
 > it down?

O:-) Maybe taking the file and run it through some kind of
filter to make it slower? I've tried that earlier, but it
kind of screwd up the recording because there was this
aweful high whistling noise you also have when a music mp3
is encoded with a too low bitrate. At least something in
that direction.

However, I have uploaded the file under the same name again,
but with the speed 10% decreased. The filter I used made
the pitch keeping the same, so my voice isn't distorted
either. The result is astonishingly good, without all the
noise I mentioned. Well, that noise refers to this old
version of Goldwave I mentioned (v4.02 from 1998).

 > As a Sixth Former I was called upon once to read the
 > Lesson in Chapel, and during the rehearsal the instructor
 > kept telling me "Slow down, slow down!!"

Teachers tell me this everytime I read somthing out. It's
especially the case with poems.

 > Now I'm getting fired up, finally, to do some Kash
 > recordings. I guess I'll have to translate Babel, perhaps
 > as an inclusion in a Kash "Intro. to Alien Religions",
 > with commentary to explain _God_.

Actually, I haven't done work on that. I simply set that
"nahang" means "person of high rank", i.e. "lord".


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