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Re: Changing CXS (Was: Re: Representing tones in X-Sampa; Khmer phonemes (for Tim May))

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Thursday, January 29, 2004, 22:02

> Tristan McLeay scripsit: > > > [r\`] already *is* the retroflex approximant.* In kosher X-SAMPA, [r`] is > > for whatever reason a retroflex tap or flap (i.e. retroflex [4]). Your > > proposal would involve (a) creating a new symbol [4`] for retroflex tap or > > flap > > I agree that [4`] is a perfectly intelligible substitute for [r`], > and if anyone wants a retroflex trill,
That's me!
> then a local distinction between > [4`] and [r`] is reasonable (labelled as such, naturally). But CXS and > X-SAMPA are intended to encode the IPA, and the IPA is not intended to > encode every possible speech sound, only the ones which make a phonemic > difference somewhere.
While distinguishing _every_ possible speech sound would be pretty much possible, from the conlanging POV it's rather unfortunate that the IPA isn't aiming more along such lines.
> If we use [r`] for the retroflex trill, what > shall we use for the palatal or pharyngeal ones?
Kirshenbaumian <trl> would be a possibility. Ugly as an ugly thing on a bad day, admitedly. _` as someone suggested could work too, but doesn't look much better. Andreas