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Re: Alien Conlang

From:Dave Rutan <rutan3@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 28, 2007, 2:27
I'm thinking the breehah would consider it literature or wisdom from
more of the kahpuib'ludoi, (silly humans.) I haven't tried to throw
Christianity into the universe, but there's room for a lot of stuff.


Roger Mills wrote:
> Mark Reed wrote: > >> What's "best" depends entirely on the cultural context. If I recall >> correctly, the Klingon Bible Translation Project assumes human >> missionaries - in that case, there was also established contact >> between the aliens and the humans, and the language already has words >> for "Earth", "human", etc. Nevertheless, if the intent is to win >> alien converts to a religion, it might be best not to translate things >> in a human-biased way. :) > > This problem always arose when I considered translating bits of the Bible > into Kash, who are not physically "Homo Sapiens", though they correspond in > most other ways-- upright, bilateral symmetry, sentient, speaking, call > themselves by a term that can be translated as "human" etc. etc. About the > only part they'd be sympathetic to would be the Genesis Creation story, but > everything thereafter wouldn't gibe with their belief that, having > created/set in motion the Universe and all things in it, the First > Cause/Power/Mind/Deity?/whatever no longer takes any interest in it, and > certainly does not guide, influence, or in any way intervene in the affairs > of one measly planet or one special people. The Spirits supposedly do, of > course, but they aren't "gods", having power only in their particular > domain. > > Adaptations might work-- perhaps in the Babel story, it could be the Sky > Spirit who's offended at the intrusion into his domain. > > Further, lacking the concept of Original Sin, they don't feel the need for > redemption. I think missionaries would be quite frustrated among the Kash. > They might have some luck amongst the Gwr, if they don't mind cold weather. > :-)))) > > >
-- Pu Poetor jai'her hi'nar dai Par bin Pard Groemark'muluin'mig, bah dai nah boeke bahgarp'Par'ku moif'foi, hu mef'regreeg. (Jn 3:16 in Breehah)