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Re: CHAT: Names of radiostations (was: Re: The young Tolkien)

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 20:15
Christophe Grandsire egrapse:

> En réponse à Daniel Andreasson <daniel_noldo@...>: > > > > > Lars Henrik Mathiesen: > > > > >It took me a while to find out that NRJ is supposed to stand for > > >energy. I'm guessing that it started in Sweden, where the name of <j> > > is > > >/j\i/ (or something like that). <NRJ> = /enER"j\i/ = > > ><energi>. > > > > Actually, that's a French station, so <j> should be > > pronounced [Z]. In Sweden we say "energy". I guess > > that makes a lot of Swedish teens think that English > > <j> is pronounced [dZi]. The way we pronounce it, it > > should be named "NRG". Or, of course, teach people that > > it's a French station. > > > > I was about to answer that when I thought that it would be strange for a
> station to be received in Scandinavia. But since it seems so... (well,
then you
> could have got something better than that one, NRJ is so awful I never
listen to
> it). In French, the pronunciation of the three letters match very well the > French word "énergie", but to sound "in", the speakers usually call it
> (the English word, but with a strong French accent). And it's not the most > ridiculous part of this station...
I can get NRJ here in the UK- but it's a waste of time. We used to have a local station in Bournemouth called NRG, but NRJ sued them so they changed it to the Fire. Dan ---------------------------------- La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit "je t'aime" c'était un mec qui me l'a dit... Francis Lalane ----------------------------------