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Re: soundalike phrases

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, September 7, 2003, 0:47
Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Quoting Roger Mills <romilly@...>: > > I had a similar experience with a 1950s recording of Gosta Nystrom's > > (diacritics probably omitted) "Sinfonia del Mare"-- the final movement
has a
> > soprano aria, which for a long time I simply assumed was in Swedish.
> > though an Engl. translation was included, it was a long time before I > > realized she was singing in English > > She? _Gosta Nystrom_ looks alot like _Gösta Nyström_ sans tremas, which is
> masculine name ...
Sorry, my anaphora slipped. _She_ was the soprano :-)))