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Re: Whatever happened to Cosseran?

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, November 9, 2000, 8:04
>Spanish does it too somewhat, as in Latin debita > Medieval Spanish debda >> >modern deuda. I kinda like it too, so Lainesco also has this, but I think >to >a larger extent than Spanish (and the change doesn't stop at au/eu/etc.):
I noticed that rule also. Perhaps i subconsciously brought it up because I thought it was a neat sound change? Also, i can just hear in spoken spanish the /B/ migrating more towards a /u/ sound sometimes. That may also be part of the reason whay I chose that rule. For b and also v (since both are said like /B/), the changes are: - Intervocalically : caballus > cauallo - before r or l: capra > caura, stabulum > stablo > staulo (unlike most other romance langs, Montreiano didnt add an e or i before words starting with s + cons.).
> > >Latin feminam > Vulgar Latin femna > early Lainesco febna or fevna > >feuna > >feina (assimilation of u to e) >Latin *faminem > Vulgar Latin *famne > early Lainesco fabne or favne > >faune
Interesting change. I never thought of doing something like that! __________________________________ L E A Ñ I O N Ò U O, U N A E Á N Ò U A