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Naming the conlang

From:Scotto Hlad <scotto@...>
Date:Thursday, July 8, 2004, 23:31
Hello everyone. I am just joining this group and look forward to talking
with others with similar interests.

Ok I'm sure that here is another topic that has been discussed so many times
that everyone is groaning yet again. That being said, I have fraternal twin
conlangs being developed, one a Romance language and the second an a-priori

I am the parent of 4 children and recall well the delight of volleying back
and forth with the mother of my children over names. There would be no list
that one can reference anywhere online that gives the latest names that
people a chosing for their infant conlangs.

My question is how have others named their languages? Dare I ask what the
derivation of the names of various languages is. The first conlang I ever
developed (sometime in the last millenium) was called "Kadingu" which meant
"the tongue."  I understand as well that at least some of the aboriginal
languages of North American are simply derived from the word for "people." I
believe that Dene is an example: Dene just means "the people."

I don't want to name my baby romance somthing like "Romanza" or "Ladino" or
something so obvious. My a-priori language will probably derive from the
word for tongue or people.

I'd really like to see how other colangers have wrestled with this and
arrived at their conclusions.



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