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Re: water (was:re:sounds like...)

From:Clinton Moreland-Stringham <morelanc@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 24, 1998, 4:58
 Matt tence:

> Because water-the-substance plays a crucial role in Tokana metaphysics, > and by extension, in Tokana metaphor. According to the Tokana, fire > and water are the two 'elemental forces' of the universe, which combine > to create all forms of matter and energy. These forces are each associated > with various 'changes' or 'turnings' ("mislapi") within the mind/body. > Fire is associated to 'warm' or 'active' changes (physical exertion, > strength, libido, mental concentration, etc.), while water is associated > with 'cool' or 'passive' changes (mental and physical relaxation, > spiritual contemplation, sleep and dreaming, meditation, etc.). For > this reason, I need a term for water-the-substance which can carry these > various associations. (Coopting one of the other terms wouldn't work, > since cool/passive changes can be associated both with 'wild water' > and with 'tame water'.)
This is almost exactly the same thing that occurs in Aelya. The concept, called nenthan (water-fire) pairs the same two "elements, which occur over and over again in Celic mythology, the Tobar Teine, or Well of Fire, being a noticable example. Water (nen) in both our systems could be compared to yin, and fire (tan in aelya) to yang. Clinton