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Re: Romaji as syllabary

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Thursday, February 24, 2005, 14:49
On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:27:35 -0500, Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
>----- Original Message ----- >From: "Ph. D." <phild@...> > >> I think he meant it as a syllabary for a conlang. >> >> See the auxlang BABM, > >And, of course, Ray Brown's briefscripts. > >Paul
I also use the alphabet as syllabary, in 'Yemls: Syllabary to Romanization: {A} ga, go {a} gu, gw, g {B} ba, bo {b} bu, bw, b {C} ce {c} ci, cy, c {D} da, do {d} du, dw, d {E} e {e} i, y {F} fa, fo {f} fu, fw, f {G} ge {g} gi, gy {H} he {h} hi, hy {I} qe {i} qi, qy, q {J} je {j} ji, jy, j {K} ke {k} ki, ky {L} le {l} li, ly {M} ma, mo {m} mu, mw, m {N} na, no {n} nu, nw, n {O} a, o {o} u, w {P} pe {p} pi, py {Q} ka, ko {q} ku, kw, k {R} la, lo {r} lu, lw, r {S} sa, so {s} su, sw, s {T} ta, to {t} tu, tw, t {U} ha, ho {u} hu, hw, h {V} fe {v} fi, fy {W} me {w} mi, my {X} xe {x} xi, xy, x {Y} ne {y} ni, ny {Z} za, zo {z} zu, zw, z The romanization is more or less phonemic, with |y| = /j/, |q| = /Z/, |x| = /S/, |c| = /tS/, |j| = /dZ/, |h| = /x/. Jeff


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