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Re: Lahabic: Stative and Eventive Prefixes

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 22:13
> 17. Re: Lahabic: Stative and Eventive Prefixes > From: Jonathan Chang <Zhang2323@...> >In a message dated 2000:09:26 9:08:27 AM, theophilus88@HOTMAIL.COM writes: > > >Yaiyikeima'z ya gwounato'r. I approach the cave. > >Hu'liyikeima'z hu'l gwounato'r. I enter the cave. > >Gheumiyikeima'z gheum gwounabwoz. I leave the cave. > >Naiyikeima'z na gwounato'r. I go through the cave. > >Bhe'ghiyikeima'z bhe'g gwounabwoz. I go under the (chamber of) the cave. > >Kwi'iyikeima'z kwi' gwounabwo. I go near the cave. > >Yauliyikeima'z yaul gwounato'r. I approach and enter the cave. > >Yakwi'iyikeima'z yakwi' gwounabwo. I approach the cave, but stop near it. > > > >Tolgheumiyikeima'z ya gwounato'r. I leave the cave and go far away. > > LOL (Laughin Out Loud)... must be an interesting cave... [couldn't >resist >jokin with ya]. > > czHANg
The Dhabra of the Island inherited this interest in caves from the Gweindra/Gwi'ndra, the Icefolk. The Lahabic word for town is gwououndlei/gwu'nu'ondli' (cave+circular augmentive areal suffix). I must go now, but I'll explain what acircular augmentive areal suffix is in another post, if would like me to do so.
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