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Useful phrases for tourists

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Monday, February 22, 1999, 15:40
I've been planning a trip to visit family in Nicaragua, and in doing so,
I've been exposed to a number of tourist phrases. The four most useful
follow. I've translated them into Kelen:

(vowels followed by : are long vowels, 'j' is a palatal glide)

A beer, please.
se-lri ja he:nge

(he:nge isn't actually beer, but it is light, refreshing, slightly

Where is the bathroom?
ja so:th hea:n pa su: ke:nj

(the place good for being alone is where?)

Don't shoot, I'm a tourist.
we n:onj ka:, la:sre le

(no killing, a guest am I) ('la:sre' is more likely to get someone's
attention than the actual word for tourist 'tu:ri:s' which is a borrowing.)

I don't speak Kelen.
we so:ren ke:len pa a:nen le

(no kelen words are with me)

So, how does one say these useful phrases in other languages:

Sylvia Sotomayor

visi, veneri, vamoosi
I visited, I caught an embarrassing disease, I ran away.
                                  (from Terry Pratchett's _Jingo_)