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Re: IQ or intelligence in ConLang/Cultures

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Saturday, September 9, 2000, 20:18
On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 07:09:06PM +0000, Leo Caesius wrote:
> I am constantly amused by the fact that every article in the WWN > references an "Expert" of some kind - be it "Bible Expert," or "Physics > Expert," or "History Expert." As a child, I imagined "The Experts" on the > staff of the World Weekly News to be a highly-prestigious group of > illuminati, wielding total omniscience on all manner of arcane subjects, and > culled from the greatest universities and training grounds on the globe. In > short, something like "The Judges" on the popular American TV show > "Jeopardy."
[snip] Interesting. The Experts in my con-universe aren't a class of holier-than-thou people who'd like to lord it over you, though. Perhaps a better name might be "wizards" but I don't like the confusion and implicit connotations that result from reusing that word. Being an Expert in my con-universe isn't an easy thing, though, and it's not always a glamorous thing. Esp. during the glory days of the Experts in the Kingdom Era, one must undergo an extremely intensive training, and then quite a long period of apprenticeship, and then make substantial contributions in order to be more than just a "helper" of their mentors. (And "helpers" aren't exactly admired by everybody.) And after one is recognized as an Expert, one must maintain a good record of helping people, actively contributing to the general peace, etc., and sometimes risk one's life to fight unpleasant, nasty creatures that sometimes come by. (Failing to risk one's life when there is reason to do so immediately disqualifies one from being called an Expert, at least in public eye.) During the Era of Scattering, though, the standard of being an Expert dropped sharply, there being no longer the proper training facilities and sufficiently qualified trainers. But that's another long story I think I'll omit here :-) T