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Inspiration, from Frankfurter Rundschau manglestrings to miniconlang

From:vaksje <vaksje@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 18, 2003, 23:02
Though I must admit to be somewhat inactive on the conlanging front,
this little fragment of manglement caught by interest:

> Kahnadggur Voh ox issencil oi Dssencil
A heading published on the frontpage of the _Frankfurter Rundschau_. (I'd sure like to get my hands on the entire frontpage!) This of course begs for the creation of a miniconlang [1] based on the above fragment. I doubt it'll inspire anyone. It's always fun to grammatically and semantically parse overly incoherent fragments of supposed manglelang. Not to mention determine how this fierce string of graphemes escapes the mouth. [1] A project not to be taken entirely serious. I, however, cannot deny it being quite the fun. Good day/night! (the latter for me) -- vaksje.


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