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Re: Wenedyk numerals (was: Judajca)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Thursday, August 22, 2002, 10:01
 --- Christophe wrote:

> > That's true. Well, here are the numerals in Wenedyk (a preliminary > > version, at least): > > [snip beautiful numerals]
Thanks :)
> Wow! If you didn't mention that Wenedyk was a Romance tongue I wouldn't > recognise it with its numerals!!! The Polish-like orthography gives them a > very strange look indeed!!! In my eye, numbers like 18 reach some level of > Maggelity here ;)))) (or at least pretend so, since I presume the orthography
> is regular :)) ).
Indeed, it is perfectly regular, and their aren't that many deviations from my "Latin violation scheme". Maggelity? Strange, AFAICT it would be quite easy to pronounce for a Pole. I can pronounce them myself, without much trouble; a real Venedian would probably think that I am a Venedian from abroad :)) BTW The word "Maggelity" really ought to be lexicalized. Why don't you submit it to Oxford, Webster etc.? Your fame will be eternal. Cia gl/orza jery jetrzna. (l/ = Polish l with stroke) [ts_jA gwoZa jErI jEtSnA]
> I want the pronunciation too!!!!
Okay, you asked for it! 1 uden/una/unu [udEn], [unA], [unu] 2 dwo [dwO] 3 trze [tSE] 4 kwaczór [kvAtSur] 5 czyn'cz [tSIn_jtS] 6 siecz [s_jEtS] 7 siedem [s_jEdEm] 8 os'ciem [Os_jts_jEm] 9 nów [nuf] 10 dziecz [dz_jEtS] 11 udzieczy [udz_jEtSI] or [udz_jEtS@] 12 dwodzieczy [dwOdz_jEtSI] (sim.) 13 trzedzieczy [tSEdz_jEtSI] ... 18 os'ciemdzieczy [Os_jts_jEmdz_jEtSI] 19 nowdzieczy [nOvdz_jEtSI] 20 wigic' [vigits_j] 30 trzygic' [tSIgits_j] 40 kwadraz^yc' [kwAdrAZIts_j] 50 czyn'z^yc' [tSIn_jZIts_j] 60 sieszaz^yc' [s_jESaZIts_j] 70 siedmaz^yc' [s_jEdmaZIts_j] 80 os'ciemz^yc' [Os_jts_EmZIts_j] 90 nonaz^yc' [nOnaZIts_j] 100 czat [tSAt] The higher numbers and the ordinals I'll omit here. This should be sufficient to give an impression. Jan ===== "Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts


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