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New Langage "Tyl-Seok": Similar ideas? (Was: Translation pattern of `to have'?)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, March 1, 2001, 10:24

Tommie L Powell <tommiepowell@...> writes:

> I also am currently constructing a conlang that's isolating, has > no copula, is very regular and has active case marking. (It isn't > All-Noun, but is All-Noun except for modifiers.)
Interesting. We could compare some of our languages' properties. My new conlang is called Tyl-Seok (meaning `elegant language/tongue'). Tyl-Seok briefly is like this: - isolating, active case marking, no copula, totally regular - no numbers, no genders/classes, no marked cases - SVO (agent to the left, patient to the right) - agency based on (potential) control - word categories: nouns and particles if a noun has non-zero valence, they may be thought of as verbs (but needn't) - no concord - basically two grammar rules: a) how to attach an agent: put it to the left b) how to attach a patient: put it to the right Of course, the usage has to be clarified in detail... - tenses, moods, aspects, etc. are not grammatical, but may be marked using additional `verbs' - principle is underspecification and context - embedding structure: composed phrase (e.g. relative clauses) are handled like nouns - uses no labial phonemes; neither labial consonants nor rounded vowels: vowels: [i E a i= V= u- V] (i e a y w u o) diphthongs: [EV u-i Ei Vu-] (eo ui ei ou) consonants: [t s n l k x N ? h] [? h] do not occur at ends of words [N] does not occur at beginnings of words clusters: [ts kx nt Nk] syllables: CV+(C+(V(C))) - mostly monosyllabic, but occasionally bisyllabic stems - pitch accent (regular: lower pitch on first syllable of bisyllabic words). - no tones (I'm thinking about this one. Maybe the pitch accent is removed in favor of tones, as I like them so much. If so, there will be three absolute tones: 11 33 55 in IPA) Tyl-Seok has no proto language and (almost) no imagined history: all phenomena occuring in grammar or word composition are still productive. Tyl-Seok is a modern language (not yet) spoken on Earth that is constructed *now* with no languages to borrow from. It is invented on the northern hemisphere (e.g. `sun' also means `south'). It is meant to be an artlang with the purpose of being fun to be created and spoken. I'll post details as soon as I'm sure about them. Any comments/questions so far? **Henrik


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