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British Latin

Date:Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 20:39
A while back on Celticonlang I mentioned that I'd seen an article where
a Latin specialist had finally discovered Jackon's ideas about "British
Latin" i.e. his theory based on working back from Welsh loans that
British Latin was rather pedantic and archaic and quite unlike the
contempory spoken Latin of Gaul. I've now found the reference which is :

Gratwick, A. S. "Latinitas Britannica - was British Latin Archaic"
Ch. I (pp 1-79) in
Brooks N. (Ed.) "Latin and the Vernacular Languages in Early Medieval
Britain" Leicester University Press, 1982
ISBN 0-7185-1209-X

I should imagine that this is of interest to the Brithenig crew, and
quite possibly to others working on Latin based langs.

I've a photocopy of the first couple of pages of the article which I'll
probably post when I get my scanner working.

I anyone does read this article, I'd be interested in their comments.



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