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Re: Goodnight Moon in Iltârer

From:Tom Tadfor Little <tom@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 15:27
Shreyas wrote:

>Mmm... Ilt^arer is lovely.
>I can see it being spoken by woodnymphs and little nereids and lovely river- >spirits with endless hair. Unhurried, immortal beings. The wonderful >polysyllabic inflections are, as Matt said, very pretty(:
Then I'm not too far off the mark. The Iltâr, while not the sort of faerie folk you've brought to mind, hold a somewhat similar place in the stories of the Thekashi people. They are very long-lived, creative, artistic people, uncomfortable in heavily populated places...and they do like to wear their hair long!
> >> Silâ âc theritsamasther >This is a beautiful sequence of sounds. > > >> Pêsamtil pircaphal â nîccacasa pem pammâlith >This is too.
Thanks again. "Pem pammâlith" is "over the moon"--and seems very right, somehow.
> >> "theritsamasther" for telephone (I may > >> have to start using that one at the office!) >Telephone, you say? Ilt^arer makes that nightmare device sound like >something one ould actually *want* in a house, rather than simply something >we need.
The Iltâr are not averse to technology, but use it sparingly, and with an eye to esthetics. I doubt that many homes have a theritsamasther.
> >> Still wondering, though, what a two-year-old would do with a language in > >> which "red" is "necanihtisilithin". >Umm... drop bits. Cause dramatic sound shifts. Neca~ihtslithi~. Again. >Again.
Actually, it's not as bad as it looks. "Necanihtil" is "berry", and -silithin is the collective referential ending, which signals a metaphorical use. So to native speakers, it wouldn't come across as just an interminable stream of syllables, but rather like a phrase in English: "like a berry". So in reality, I think even young children would manage this fine; it's just seems funny to English speakers to have the simple concepts of a children's book rendered in such a style. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tom Tadfor Little Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) Telperion Productions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~