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Goodnight Moon in Iltârer

From:Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...>
Date:Monday, June 4, 2001, 17:16
Very pretty. ;-)
BTW, I get to translate from Iltarer.  I like this.

Tom Tadfor Little wrote:
> > Thi metisamer echesilithin ilîsilithin > Silâ âc theritsamasther > Pe tantemaili necanihtisilithin > Pe amime erâl - > Pircaphalith nîccacasa pem pammâlith > Pe silâ âc âmâpircali me ninisilithin nenilersas ati âpâmapherir > Pe mimicartili paphe ninisilithin > Pe paphâsen nañeteterir > Pe pîtas mimisentanenler ninisilithin > Pe mimitîtterel > Pe ñâcimasther pe phañâcir pe ippan metit nânsineter > Pe taphesar ârtisilithin pâmanenler nan ehte ña timâchasa "châch". > Pêsamtil metisamer â > Pêsamtil pammâl â > Pêsamtil pircaphal â nîccacasa pem pammâlith > Pêsamtil tilimasther â > Pe tantemaili â necanihtisilithin > Pêsamtil âmâpircali â > Pêsamtil mimicartili â > Pêsamtil nañeteteri â > Pêsamtil htansimastheri â > Pêsamtil iññephenes â > Pêsamtil pîtas â ninisilithin > Pêsamtil tîtterel â > Pêsamtil ñâcimasther â > Pe pêsamtil phañâcir â > Pêsamtil ârsentan > Pêsamtil nânsinet â > Pe pêsamtil pi taphesarath pâmanenler timâchasa "châch". > Pêsamtil ceses â > Pêsamtil echessal â > Pêsamtil ârechesali â phaphasam. > > Here's a back-translation into English that attempts to give some of the > flavor of the Iltârer version: > > In the sky-big leaf-green chamber > There is a speaking-machine > And a berry-red flyingball > And a drawing of - > A cow leaping over the moon > And there are three seed-little bears sitting on chairs > And two seed-little baby-cats > And a pair of gloves > And a child-toy little house > And a baby-mouse > And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of porridge > And a night-quiet rock-old respected-one who is whisphering "shush". > 'Til-day, thou chamber > 'Til-day, thou moon > 'Til-day, thou cow leaping over the moon > 'Til-day, thou light-machine > And thou berry-red flyingball > 'Til-day, ye bears > 'Til-day, ye chairs > 'Til-day, ye baby-cats > 'Til-day, ye gloves > 'Til-day, thou time-machine > 'Til-day, ye socks > 'Til-day, thou seed-little house > 'Til-day, thou mouse > 'Til-day, thou comb > And 'til-day, thou brush > 'Til-day, no-person > 'Til-day, thou porridge > And 'til-day to the rock-old respected-one whispering "shush". > 'Til-day, ye stars > 'Til-day, thou air > 'Til-day, ye noises everywhere. > > I find it a useful exercise to translate kids' books at the early stages of > making a language; it flushes out embarrasing gaps in the lexicon (I can't > believe I didn't have a word for "and" yet!) and gets one comfortable with > basic sentence patterns and vocabulary. > > This one came out a bit amusing; I'd designed Iltârer as a literary > language, thinking of philosophical and poetic eloquence. It seems almost > comically overstyled and long-winded for the simple sentences of a > children's book. I don't dare to count how many syllables the Iltârer > version has compared with the English! That's partly a consequence of the > limited phonemic system, which makes for more polysyllabic root words, but > more a result of the lengthy inflectional ending ("-silithin") for the > collective referential of -l class nouns, and some other lengthy inflections. > > My first reaction was a bit of alarm; no sane people would tolerate so much > jaw-exercise to make such simple utterances. But on reflection, I think it > suits the Iltâr, who are a patient, soft-spoken people. It's like music > with a bunch of short notes in each measure, harder to play straight off > the page, but nice sounding once it's learned. Maybe vaguely Entish, > although that was the farthest thing from my mind in drafting the language > sketch. > > A few of the coinages for this translation really delight me: > "mimitîtterel" for a baby mouse, "theritsamasther" for telephone (I may > have to start using that one at the office!) and "timâchasa" for whispering. > > Still wondering, though, what a two-year-old would do with a language in > which "red" is "necanihtisilithin". > > ;> > > Cheers, Tom > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > Tom Tadfor Little > Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA > Telperion Productions > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~