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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Stephen Mulraney <ataltanie@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 9, 2005, 15:21
Some very mangled names, from my lang ML4, which hasn't progressed in over a
year, but is probably still my "current" project... Apologies for
the utf-8, but there's no ASCIIification. I'll give a CXS transcription,
though (note: I'm updating the CXS from the X-SAMPA in my files; I
wasn't around when X-SAMPA was replaced by CXS, so I might make mistakes;
there might be X-SAMPAisms).

The names follow "Tiëhţäk [öpö/öp]", which is "wrote". (I don't recall the
details of the öpö/öp variation, nor why it doesn't appear sometimes.)

Tristan MacLeay:
Tiëhţäk öp Ţrzict Mäkli / [t_j@xT&k 2 Ts`itst M&kli]

John Cowan:
Tiëhţäk öp Dzsoun Käŭinä / ["t_j@xT&k 2 "un_e k{win_e]
(there's something wrong with the pronunciation for "Dzsoun"!)

Mark Reed:
Tiëhţäk öp Mhork Rzūd / ["t_j@xT&k 2m "hOrk "r`Md_}]

Isaac (prob. as "Yitzik") Penzev:
Tiëhţäk öpö Jütııcz Pıńgëp / ["t_j@xT&k 2f2 "jyT1t_js\ "p1_njg@p_u\]

Andreas Johansson
Tiëhţäk öpö Drzäjöc Jūńczoun  / ["t_j@xT&k 2f2 "d`z`&j2ts "jM_njtSun_e]

There's one name (my own) I can't find the pronunciation for:

Stephen Mulraney:
Tiëhţäk Ctiwìn Murëjni

And a few that I can't find the orthography for, only the pronunciation:

Jean-Franc,ois Colson wrote: ["t_j@xT&k 2 "A_nj "Pr&_njtwO "Ku\lts@]

Muke Tever wrote: ["t_j@xT&k 2m "hMSu "t_jiv&r`_z`]

Benct Philip Jonsson: ["t_j@xT&k 2f2 "1_njk_jt_j "p1ju\p_j "jun_etSMn]
(I thought "Benct" was had a [Nk] in it at the time. And no, you can't
have your "B" back :)