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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 10:49
Most of these would not be very exciting in Sohlob
I'm afraid:

Henrik > Hændræg /h&ndr&g/ Tælæng /t&l&N/
Björn > Bæyorn /b&jQrn/ (1)
Arthaey Angosii > Arsæy Ængosæey /6rs&j &ngQs&j/
Rachel > Ræcæl /r&ts\&l/
Roland > Roland /rQl6nd/
Rudi > Rudiy /rudij/
Lisa > Liseh /lisi\h/ [lisi\?] (2)
Stéphanie > Istefeniy /isti\fi\nij/
Andreas Johansson > Andræyas Yuhensun /6ndr&j6s juhi\nsun/ (3)
John Cowan > Jan Kawan /dz\6n k6w6n/ (4)
Remi > Remiy /ri\mij/
Barry Garcia > Bæræy Garsæya /b&r&j g6rs&j6/
Tristan McLeay > Tristen Mægæræy /trisi\n m&g&l&j/ (5)
Benct Philip Jonsson > Bæng Filib Yunsun /b&N filib junsun/
(plus Sarah, which as I already said "becomes" Sarah [s6r6?],
or perhaps Særæh; Sally becomes Sælæy.)

I wouldn't even begin to guess Teoh, although IIRC you said
it is [to~:] > Tong /tQN/.

(1) This spelling would be pronounced /b2:rn/ in
the Heleb dialect.
(2) Initial /l/ before /i/ is not really Classical,
but this occurs in a number of loanwords from the other dialects.
(3) or Yohanson /jQh6nsQn/.
(4) or Jahn /dz\6n_0/ or Jahan /dz\6h6n/.  The ergative case would
probably be Ja(h)nal Kawnal.
(5) or Mægræy or Mæjlæy -- although Mæglæy would be only a minor


/BP 8^)>
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