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Re: Translation Exercise (Adult Content)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Friday, November 21, 2003, 12:45
David Peterson scripsit:

> << >> Some wives have hired us to follow their husbands around > >> and catch them in the act of infidelity. Rather than to > >> confront them directly we have been given permission to > >> post the footage on this site for the world to see.>> > > Just to verify, the second sentence *is* ungrammatical, right? "Rather > than *to* confront..."? Should be "Rather than confront...", right?
That's the way I read it: "than" can be followed by naked infinitive "confront" or gerund "confronting", but not decorated infinitive "to confront". But there are sentences where "to" seems mandatory: the proverb "It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive", e.g. where the gerund form is "Travelling hopefully is better than arriving". -- "There is no real going back. Though I John Cowan may come to the Shire, it will not seem the same; for I shall not be the same. I am wounded with knife, sting, and tooth, and a long burden. Where shall I find rest?" --Frodo