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Translation Exercise (Adult Content)

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Thursday, November 20, 2003, 22:24
Some spammer over on langmaker2 provides us with a weekly story
as a translation exercise.  Even though the topic is somewhat
limited in scope, the text are IMHO more varied and creative
than certain other "weekly" translation exercises, which all too
often end up with severed limbs, insurrection of the proletariat,
and apocalypse.  =P

 >> Backseat lunchbreak caught on tape
 >> Some wives have hired us to follow their husbands around
 >> and catch them in the act of infidelity. Rather than to
 >> confront them directly we have been given permission to
 >> post the footage on this site for the world to see.

In Modern Jovian:

Meirdsare in pueppe wagun, caftun ni fiome
[mer'dza:r im byp 'va:g@  kaft@ ni vi@m]

Nae xores haen embloede nos ad indseoger su eos maridi
[ne So:rs hEn em'blAjd nAz ad in'dze@g@r suz m@'ri:di]

ed caeber eos in gionur prozinde.  Pro ostare is oevei,
[ek 'kajb@r Ez iN 'gi@n@r prA'zind  prA AS'ta:r iz 'Ajve]

noe hae fide side prower id fiome in ei sidu-ic ad fire
[nAj he vi:d si:d 'pro:v@r i fi@m in e zi:dz iC a fi:r]

ueste ys mundu.
[ySt y mund]

Note:  As you can plainly see, I've decided to drop the
        gender and number inflection on the participle
        in the passive construction, as it had already
        happened in the past tense construction...  so
        now it's |id fi acte| [i fi axt] "it's being done"
        rather than |id fi actun| [i fi 'axt@].  I also
        found out that the genitive is used to mark the
        actor of a passive.

        Hmmm...  that means I'll have to update the Pater
        Noster yet again...  it's about time though, I'm
        already behind schedule with the |notter pazer|
        -> |nor pare| change (which, by the way, has made
        the otherwise cool word |mare| "man" obsolete,
        since it now sounds like |mare| "mother", having
        been replaced by |omme| [Am] from French, ending
        up as a nice double derivation together with
        |hoeme| [hAjm] "human being").

-- Christian Thalmann


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