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Religious text in Conlangs

From:Jake X <starvingpoet@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 20:46
Hi All!

How many of your concultures have religions?  Sacred
texts?  I have been working on my conculture for the
Mocteno [who speak Lenmoct.  Hint, these words are related:
Lenmen means priestess.  So 10 points to whoever defines the
roots in the three compounds.]
I was thinking about cultural justifications for the name I've given
to my language, Lenmoct, and its literal meaning, mother-goddess.
I was thinking that in their religion the "mother" is responsible for
giving society their first word and language and so changing them from
to human.  So here is the little bit of liturgy I wrote for them.  I would
imagine it being recited at a child's birth:

Acg lapyccuascul, li moct ano lyctatec cg en.
Col eno ciatpetdcea, sapagec cg.
Ddysatec col.      Tdonatdec cg.
Col-ga cil cgotddac-cy.

[ax 'lapik,waskul lI mVC 'aNo li'Ca,tEk xEN
kVl ENo jat'peTk@ sa'pagekx
ri'satEk kVl   T@'naTEkx
'kVl'ga jIl 'xot,Traki_0]

Time-marker womb-dream, the goddess us-feminine-inverse [1] the word.
The-plural we water-wanting, breathed it.
Stood the-plural.  Spoke it.  The-pl-past the-general

In the womb-dream, the goddess made us drink the word.
We were thirsty, we breathed it.
We stood.      We spoke it.
Now we are humanity.


[1] David Peterson asked me if I could leave out the verb and just
use genders to imply agent/patient roles.  Well, I used that here.
This kind of verbless construction (with specific articles, not general
articles) is used for phrases like "made us drink"
where "made" functions like -igi in esperanto.  I just leave out the
first verb and everything is dandy.  :)

P.S. I'd be very proud if this is used as a translation excercise.
I'd like to see it in different conlangs and have a collection.  It's
a little short and unchallenging, perhaps.


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