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Re: CHAT: TRANS: something slightly more deep (was: TRANS: flutes)

From:Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 8, 2000, 22:11
Roger Mills wrote:

>Here it is in Kash (better Kaš if that prints), a language of one of the two >civilized species on planet Cindu. I haven't really worked out their >religion(s), tho it is probably pantheistic and so has trouble with the idea >of one Supreme God, but we can assume an old or traditional agricultural >deity, Kinda. (/h/ for the velar fric. [x], /c/ is Engl. "ch", /r/ trilled, >vowels approx. as in Spanish, penultimate stress, all else self-explanatory I >think): > kinda, kinda, inde hinda, >endo te vele e parahambesa amakrale >andeleš añunjuki pando-pando, >yulomek, yušarek, >acece vitalaš, yemo virikiš, >ukuwi acopur vosiliš >holapi acopur vanataš >i yuno yemo hindakale
I've never heard of Kash before. Are you new to the list? If so, have you already introduced yourself? (I haven't been keeping up lately, so if I missed you're intro, I'm sorry.) Anyway, I like the look and (what I can figure out of) the structure of Kash, and would love to learn more about it. Do you have a website? If not, a short sketch of Kash for the list is in order. The symbol that you use in the more correct spelling of "Kash" comes out as a degree sign on my computer. Is it meant to be IPA /S/ as in "ship"? Perhaps you should stick with "sh" (or some other typewriter-friendly spelling) when posting to the list. Lookin' forward to finding out more about Kash! Matt.