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Re: Request for information: Semantics of body parts

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, June 15, 2002, 20:35
On Saturday 15 June 2002 11:39 am, Tim May wrote:

> I'd be interested in hearing about similar differences from English > semantics in both conlangs and natlangs.
Hmm. I have not considered this before, but English has some interesting distictions. For instance, legs have more "parts" in common speech than arms: Toe Finger Arch Knuckle Heel Palm Ankle Wrist Shin Forearm Leg Elbow Knee Arm Thigh Calf I've excluded some that require compounds such as "heel of the hand" or "ball of the foot", and I'm a little doubtful on whether "forearm" should be on the list or not. English also has a word for a portion of the legs when in a seated position: "lap." Now that's interesting. One could re-divide the body; for instance, the upper arms and shoulders could share the same term, or "neck and head" could be mapped to the same term as "limb," "Ankle" and "wrist" could be the same term, as well as "finger" and "toe" (which is what Russian does; "paljets" is either "finger' or "toe," although if you want to be clear, you could say "paljets nogi" (finger of the leg).) :Peter


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