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CHAT: First report on Coní (was: Re: CHAT: Bouncing)

From:Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 19, 2003, 11:01
Tony Hogard wrote:

> I am quite bouncy. I'm on the shorter side for where I live (5'7") > and I've always been thin (IQ higher than body weight), though I > seem to be getting thicker every year.
Haha! I didn't realize! My IQ (Stanford-Binet) and my body weight (in pounds) is exactly the same! I wonder what would happen if I gained some weight...? :D ObConlang: Me and Jessica have been working on her language Coní. Or rather, I've made some suggestions. It's her conlang. The phonology revision is largely done by now. I must say I like it. The consonants are set, it's the vowels that aren't really finished yet. I might have a question for y'all on Jessi's behalf. As of now, I can give you a teaser. There are six vowels: /I E a O U 8/ There's a rule which says that when a vowel is stressed, it becomes tense: /i e a o u }/. Originally, both me and Jessi had this mixed up with length, but as it turns out, it's really a tense/lax distinction. The problem is /8/. She hasn't decided yet on whether this is just a schwa (although rounded and a bit higher) and thus has no tense version, or if it is a vowel in its own respect, as much as all the other vowels. /8/ is written |û| as of now (u + circumflex). If this vowel can be prepalatalized (like the other vowels) we have a problem. Prepalatalization is marked by diaresis: |ä| is /ja/. Irregular stress is marked by an acute accent (as in the language name: Coní). How do you combine diaresis and/or acute accent with a circumflex? Another idea was to use |w| for /8/, but the problems remain. Ideas? Daniel Andreasson


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