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Re: CHAT: "nur" [was Re: CHAT: Hrushevs'kyj]

From:Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 27, 2002, 6:35
On 27 Aug 02, at 6:39, Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> If you really want to insult a guest upon arrival, then say: "Oh, jij bent het > maar" (Oh what a pity, it's just you :(( )
Works in German, too: "Ach, du bist's nur", which I would translate as something like "Oh, it's [only] you -- I was expecting someone else [who is more important to me at the moment]". Or, depending on context, "Oh, it's only you -- I was expecting something more frightening [such as the police telling me that my son was killed in a car accident, or whatever]", in which case it's not insult but a kind of relieved feeling. Cheers, Philip -- Philip Newton <Philip.Newton@...>