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Re: CONLANG T-Shirt: "Your yahzick could be in this mesto."

From:Brook Conner <nellardo@...>
Date:Thursday, November 11, 1999, 17:34
Paul Bennett writes:
 > Fabian>>>>>>
 > > Nadsat
 > > Anthony Burgess
 > > Latin alphabet
 > >
 > > "Your yahzick could be in this mesto."
 > >
 > > I'm not sure what to use for "language".  The word 'yahzick' is "tongue"
 > > (the body part).  Since Nadsat's an English relex, I think that's the best
 > > candidate, and extending it to mean "tongue, a language", is okay.

I'd tend to agree - besides, using "tongue" for "language" has a
certain Nadsatian perverse feeling to it.

> It's a mainly slavic relex of english, based in the future. There's > all kinds of other slang terms, backformations and borrowings > (including Romany IIRC) in there. My favourite is <charles> for > <non-denominational priestly person>.
Yep. Some of the other slavic ones that haven't been mentioned include: rassodock - mind, as in to make up one's rassodock tolchuk - hit or strike gulliver - "golovo" in anglicized Russian, for head (same kind of mod as horror show from "xorosho" lomtick - slice, as in lomticks of toast britva - razor (I think - may be misremembering this one) glazzies - eyes Non-slavic ones are often abbreviations of long terms or repetitive lengthening of short ones: synthemesc - a drug, synthetic mescaline drencrom - another drug, can't remember the abbrev eggiwegs - eggs welliwelliwelliwell - Well (exclamation) Grammatically, while it is generally "correct" English (if you allow for the relexed words), it has a tendency to longer, more roundabout sentence structures. E.g., Alex refers to himself as "your humble narrator," and the first sentence (which was shortened in the film) is a bit of a doozy: There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim being rather Dim, and we were sitting in the Korovo Milkbar making up our rassodocks what to do with the evening, a flim, dark, chill winter bastard but dry. It continues on in that vein for a couple hundred pages. [...]
> I have to take issue with <mesto> as well. To me, it implies an expanse or > area, rather than a place. I don't have a better suggestion.
In the second sentence, Alex calls a bar a "mesto" - doesn't sound like an expanse or area to me: The Korovo Milkbar was a milk-plus mesto, where you could get milk plus a little something else, like synthemesc or drencrom, to sharpen you up for a little of the old ultraviolence..... Don't ask me why I remember this stuff - mind like a lint trap...... Brook --------- The Hacker Tarot, Arcanum #13, Death: A skeleton weilding a scythe surveys a field, on which are scattered PDP-11s, Apple ]['s, IBM 360/91's, Xerox Alto's, and many other machines. --------- Fancy. Myth. Magic.