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Re: LCC2: Meeting our Community

Date:Wednesday, July 18, 2007, 2:07
> [] On Behalf Of Douglas Koller > Similar problem with the colloquial /vEdZ/ (presumably from
> "vegetate"), meaning "to think in a clouded way, staring into > space, mouth agape (and we're not talking benevolent love > here) (cf. Japanese: "boo to siteru" and Chinese: "fa1dai1") > (eg: Kou standing vacuously in the middle of the kitchen > wondering why he walked in there in the first place says to > self: "Douglas, stop vedging!") (and don't Britons > occasionally use /vEdZ/ for "vegetables?"). After dabbling with > > veg (which usually elicits "/vEg/") > vege (which usually elicits head-scratching ?'s) and > vegge (too much like "ye olde shoppe" for my taste, and it > still doesn't get you any closer) > > high school friends and I decided on "vedge," which still > sucks and loses its original morphophenemic value but at > least elicits the correct pronunciation. > > But now we can have veǧ! Hurrrah veǧ!... veǧ, veǧ, veǧ.
I was thrown off in Australia by the spelling of "rego" /'redZoU/ (short for "registration number"). Then there's the one that really annoys me, "judgment" which looks like it should be spoken /jVdgm@nt/ .


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