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Re: LCC2: Meeting our Community

Date:Wednesday, July 18, 2007, 1:32
> [] On Behalf Of T. A. McLeay
> I'm pretty sure there's a few on this list whose main conlangs are > auxlangs. The former Lord John Cowan of the Instrumentality, for > instance, is the author of the book on Lojban, whose design criteria > clearly make it suited for an auxlang (even tho that is not its main > purpose). Dana Nutter is, I belive, another.
Yes, I'm a conlanger. And yes, most of my projects are auxlangs. I'm a member of both lists, and do see the reasoning behind separate lists because of the different issues involved. Conlang is mainly geared toward lingistics and language engineering where Auxlang deals more with the practicalities of various approaches to auxlangs and their promotion. People aren't shy about evangelizing their favorites either.