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Re: weird celtic sentence - help!

From:mike poxon <mike@...>
Date:Friday, October 21, 2005, 11:52
These are surely  conlangs! In A, It seems the creator liked the sound of
heddiw ("today" in real Welsh = RW) and figured it'd be a good word for
"university" - though whether "sedw" or "hedw" is the mutated form, I don't
Also, the words for "Yes" or "No" in RW are as a rule not single invariable
words, but the appropriate personal forms of the question pronoun, or
sometimes the tense as well ("Are you going...?" "(Yes) I am", etc).
No radical in RW begins with "ch + vowel", though this can occur with the
aspiration of c (cath "cat", ei chath "her cat") so "Cha" looks like a
conword (though sometimes in RW the mutating word will disappear, leaving
only the mutation behind, rather Cheshire-cat like.
B looks like a Breton-based lang, with k for /k/, dh for /D/, and the
distinctive Breton c'h for /x/
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