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weird celtic sentence - help!

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Thursday, October 20, 2005, 14:22
  I found the following sentences on a piece of paper
while going through old notes about various disparate
topics. There's no mention of what language they're
in, but it seems to be some sort of Celtic. I checked
both Cornish and Breton dictionaries for clues, but I
dont think the sentences are in either of those. I'm
sure it's not Welsh. That leaves a conlang. My only
extremely blatantly Celtic conlang is Jelardin, which
this only bares a passing resemblance to (although, I
admit I can't recall much of that language). What do
others on the list think?

There seem to be 2 dialects and furthermore some minor
variation with the dialects themselves:

1) Dyliet       py sedw?
   "Will you go to university?"

2)  Cha, sym fi.
    "Yes, I am *[going to go]"

3) Wys  dy  na ddoled py te hedw?
   "Are you going     to the university?"

4) Cha, sym e^.
   "Yes, I am *[going to go]"

(with _e^_ instead of _fi_ for "I")

5) Chascwr sym e^.
  "Of course, I am *[going to go]"

6) Ce^yth dwy t'elrynoch gydot?
   "What  is  the name [at you]?"

7) Heldy dwy t'elrynoch gydom.
  "Heldy is  the name [at me]."

8) Heldy  dwy cha.
   "Heldy is  it"

9) Ce^yth wys dy na wnar?
   "What  are you doing?"

9) Sym e^ dyscibyl.
    "I am a student."

1)   As  te  dholed av th'universitet?
    "Are you going  to the university?"

2) Vi, em ew.
   "Yes, I am."

3)   As te   dheul ov ar universitet?
    "Are you going to the university?"

(with _dheul_ instead of _dholed_ for "going", and
 _ar_ instead of _th'_ for "the". _av_ is spelled _ov_
here for "to")

4) Wi, em ew.
   "Yes I am."

(with _vi_ spelled as _wi_ for "yes")

5) Kealar as d'errneuc'h te?
   "What   is your name your?"

6) Herik  as ho.
   "Herik is it."

7) Kealar as te farket?
   "what  are you doing?"

8) Em ew astudyan~.
   "I am a student"


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